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“Providing professional home plans is not just about building places for people to live…it’s about creating houses—homes that people have dreamt about living in.”

Custom Home Designers in Charlotte, NC & Surrounding Cities

We take pride in home architectural designs being not only beautiful, but practical as well. Residential design services can be professional and innovative and still be considered a great value. Our chief residential home designer has been in the construction industry since 1993, uses the most cutting-edge technologies and practices to create homes that are efficient, sustainable and match the lifestyles of their future owners. Our space planning and interior design services are visually appealing, durable and highly functional. DesignTime guides clients through important decisions, such as choosing finishes and defining the details of building interiors. Designtime is passionate about customer satisfaction and is committed to creating spaces through responsible designs.

We offer two types of services for the potential homeowner in the Charlotte and surrounding North Carolina or South Carolina areas. 

Conceptual Design Services

These are plans conceptualized to create the layout of a house. This is considered the most essential part of the design process, wherein a creative functional solution is produced to meet all of your specifications

Construction Design Services

This is a complete set of CAD-drafted architectural construction drawings, which include detailed floor plans, all exterior elevations (four sides), typical wall sections and roof plans/designs

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