Conceptual Design Drawings

“These are plans conceptualized to create the layout of a house. This is considered the most essential part of the design process, wherein a creative functional solution is produced to meet all of your specifications.”

Conceptual plans are planning only. However, these plans may be used as models for permit/construction document sets (they do not constitute buildable plans). This option is a good idea for the following individuals:
• Individuals who want to visualize new house ideas on paper first and
then decide how much a project will cost before moving ahead with
construction drawings.
• Individuals who don’t plan to build new houses right away, but would
like to start developing. It can be thought of as design ahead of time.
• Individuals applying for construction loans and need to submit general
house plans to financial institutions.
• Individuals who want to obtain initial, new house project prices from
• Individuals who want to start slowly and visualize their new house
before making commitments to builders’ plans.

These plans come with CAD-drafted floor plans and CAD-drafted front elevation.

View Our Latest Conceptual Projects

Cozy And Comfortable Architectural Home Design

This custom, architecural designed home is perfectly designed to convey a sense of comfort and comfiness with smaller spaces. This home plan is great for people who enjoy being close to friends and families and don’t need the larger, colder, cavernous spaces that some custom designed home plans offer. An overall great, architect designed, custom home for people who prize being comfy most of all!

Neo-Eclectic American Standard Home Design in Concord, NC

This custom home design is a beautiful example of American Neo-Eclectic style which is a blend of various styles all working together to create a unique and distinct custom home that any body wanting to build their own dream home would be proud to come home to in...

Custom Contemporary Farmhouse Design in Charlotte

    This wonderfully, contemporary farmhouse design is a very trite and true American design. It is a favorite with architects, builders, and homeowners all across the country. It is especially popular in the Charlotte, NC and surrounding cities like Concord,...

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